Hydraulic converter


The hydraulic conveyor is used for cleaning and releasing the affected area by chopping the vine branches. HMF has a range of models that are compatible with all tractors available on the market.

The hydraulic conveyor performs complementary work to that carried out by a shredder. In fact, the latter removes residues and / or weeds on the ground, while the hydraulic conveyor sweeps them away.
his machine clears the pruned area, thanks to a high speed rotary action applied on a series of spatulas that literally sweep away any residue from the ground, compressing it for carriage. 
The machine is equipped with a self-leveling device with a button pod, and a swing arm for lifting up during road transport.
The hydraulic conveyor is the fastest and most effective tool for creating tracks and trails that can be walked on, on an uneven terrain, leveling it up and cleaning it out of any form of irregularity. 
In this way, it will help more easily to make trails, rural areas and access routes to crops, nurseries, greenhouses, pastures. It also facilitates the collection of cuttings, weeds, and other residual materials that often lie on the ground, making it irregular and sometimes impractical. 


HMF’s hydraulic conveyor is equipped with hydraulic control from the tractor and is available in various outputs.
Convogliatore idraulico A

A Type

The A Type hydraulic conveyor is mounted by means of a fixing plate on the side of the shredder. When mounting the tool, it is important that the hydraulic conveyor arm and joint rotate towards the center of the mower. Weight: about 40 Kg.
Convogliatore B

B Type

The B type hydraulic conveyor is mounted by means of an attachment plate in front of the tractor, height adjustment and working width by means of hydraulic cylinders.
• Basic equipment: Hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lateral displacement, with hydraulic hoses up to the fitting plate are included.
• Minimum working width 1800 mm, maximum 4100 mm.

C Type

The Type C hydraulic conveyor is secured to a front-mounted forage mower, lateral displacement of the hydraulic conveyor by means of hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic hoses up to the coupling plate included.
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